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State Department of Natural Resources scientists asked its policy board to cap kills at animals, saying board members must be cautions because the four-day season in February took place during wolves' breeding season and the long-term ramifications on the population are unknown.

But conservative-leaning members of the board countered that the population is still well above the DNR's goal of animals and they have a responsibility to manage the pack and protect livestock from wolf attacks. The board ultimately voted to set aside the department's recommendation and up the quota to animals. The working quota for state-d hunters will almost certainly be less thanhowever.

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The state's Chippewa tribes are entitled to claim up to half of the quota under treaty rights dating back to the s. The Chippewa consider wolves sacred and refuse to hunt them.

If the tribes claim their full half of the quota, state-s hunters will be allowed to kill only wolves. The vote marks another testy chapter in what has becoming a bitter saga over wolf management in Wisconsin. The animal has made a remarkable comeback in the state — the DNR's latest estimates from the winter of put the population at around 1, animals statewide.

The department's management plan, adopted insets out a population goal of As more wolves have appeared on the landscape conflict over how to handle them have only intensified.

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Farmers and residents across northern Wisconsin say wolves are menacing their pets and livestock and hunting is the only way to control them. Conservationists counter that the population is still too small to sustain hunting and the creatures are so majestic people should just leave them alone.

Former Republican Gov. The state held three hunts from to before a federal judge placed wolves back on the endangered species list. The Trump administration removed them from the list days this past January, days before Joe Biden was inaugurated.

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DNR officials were planning to hold a hunt this November, but hunter advocacy group Hunter Nation won a court order forcing the department to hold a season in February. The department rushed to put a season together in just days. The were chaotic; state-d hunters killed wolves in just four days, blowing past their quota of animals.

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Many hunters used dogs to track and corner their prey. Fresh snow helped tracking.

A state law requiring 24 hours notice before the season was closed along with the issuance of twice as many permits as usual contributed to the kill rate as well. The kills left a sour taste in the mouths of conservationists and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' administration, which controls the DNR.

The agency recommended the board take a conservative approach heading into the November hunt, hence the animal limit.

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Nearly 60 people registered to speak at the board meeting Wednesday, with most calling for the DNR to put a stop to wolf hunting altogether. But nothing will dissuade the desire for more blood from our brother. What will be in short supply today is respect.

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But hunt supporters demanded the board raise the fall quota to as high as animals, insisting that the DNR has grossly underestimated the wolf population. Macy West, an Evers appointee on the board, said the vote will cost the board credibility with animal advocates and conservationists who demanded an end to wolf hunting. She warned that if the hunt in a precipitous population decline federal wildlife officials will seize management rights from the state, costing farmers the right to kill problem wolves.

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Severe storms with heavy wind brought down trees and knocked out power across southeast Wisconsin Tuesday. Storms cause damage in Milwaukee Severe storms with heavy wind brought down trees and knocked out power across southeast Wisconsin Tuesday.

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