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Best High Point to get to know a girl

Olive Allen. Taylor Arthur.

Best High Point To Get To Know A Girl

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Major: International business with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Stoutner was an incredible advisor for my time as a business fellow.

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In my journey to law school, Dr. Ingram has been an amazing advisor. His mentorship as my Pre-Law advisor was instrumental in my success during this application cycle. Additionally, his courses helped prepare me for the type of work required in law school and I am so grateful for those experiences. I am grateful for my time in that organization and the experiences, lessons, and friends it brought me. It was a pleasure to serve alongside my wonderful brothers and I am so happy I ed freshman year.

Law school has been my lifelong dream; having that thought in the back of mind for my three years of undergrad was what kept me going. It can be difficult to push ahead but it is always worth it!

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View more Graduate Profiles. Post-graduation plans: Jones s Qualtrics as a sales development representative where he works on finding clients that could benefit from their experiential management software. Major: International business and marketing with a minor in Spanish. The training I received and the connections I established through the sales career fair allowed me to secure this career.

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I used the Office of Career and Professional Development to develop my that I used for internship and job applications alike. I then utilized their career fair to secure interviews with multiple companies. He also gave me tips on interviewing and contacting these great companies.

As a nervous freshman, it meant the world to me. View more graduate profiles. Major: Event management with minors in business administration and fashion merchandising. Post-graduation plans: Stanas s LaBelle Winery, where she will be responsible for executing a wide range of events including weddings, bridal parties, wine tastings and corporate events.

Her other responsibilities include, managing staff, ensuring efficient flow, resolving problems and analyzing the events success.

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The Office of Greek Life gave me a chance to be a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, where I met life long friends, built professional connections, and increased my philanthropic services. The Office of Global Education assisted me in planning and preparing for new cultural experiences during my semester abroad in Scotland.

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Student employment provided me with time management, communication, and organizational skills which I will carry with me throughout my professional career. The faculty and staff created a positive environment which reminded me to be caring, compassionate, and hard working.

The list is never ending because this university has endless opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The Office of Career and Professional Development was a phenomenal resource to assist in building, preparation for interviews, and even job searches.

Clark and Dr. Wiitala, are two inspiring individuals who put forth extra efforts to drive their students motivation, passion, and education. They understand students potential and challenge them to reach it. They have given me insight into the event management industry beyond the classroom and have had a lasting impact on how I will proceed in the field. I am grateful to have encountered two professors who work this hard to make such a positive impact on the lives of their students, myself included. Being at such a well-rounded university re-instilled my desire for knowledge and provided me with inspirational guest speakers and other educational events that shifted my thinking and motivations.

College is a time of change which comes with challenges. Focus on working hard at every opportunity you get and set your goals and expectations for yourself high.

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You are capable of much more than you know and this university will guide you in realizing your worth and potential. Major: Strategic communication with minors in marketing and social media marketing. Not only are the professors amazing and truly care about every student, but I was exposed to experiential learning opportunities, such as getting to be a part of Ascensiona student-run agency, and working on a social media simulation, Stukent Mimic Social.

Similarly, in my capstone course, my class and I were able to engage with the High Point City Council and local business owners to propose bills to better the High Point community. It is experiences like these that have taken the information I receive in the classroom and allowed me to implement it in real-time, making me more confident in my abilities as a communication professional. I worked there as both an internship marketing assistant and peer career advisor. It was really rewarding to be able to use my experience and knowledge to help fellow students with their cover letters, s and LinkedIn profiles.

I loved hearing their stories and how passionate everyone was about the job, internship or graduate programs they were applying for. Laura Marshall.

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Without her, I would have never considered applying for graduate school. I am so grateful for all of her guidance and wisdom over these past few years. I came to HPU with my major as undeclared, but I knew I was interested in communications as a potential path. I took my first communications class in the fall of my freshman year and never looked back.

Four years ago, I would have never believed how much I enjoyed school because I finally got to learn about something I found exciting. Not only are they just great people in general, but they are the most knowledgeable people in whatever your perspective field may be. For many professors, teaching is their second career. You never know if one of your professors had your dream job, has connections for internship and job opportunities or can help guide you to your future career path. She will generate qualified sales opportunities for the executive team and develop deep knowledge of the risk and compliance industry as well as build skills for further career growth.

Major: Marketing with minors in sales and Spanish. I remember meeting Professor Larry Quinn for the first time in a negotiations class and when the class ended I knew that this was going to be the best class of my four years. I learned more in that class than I had in any other.

Professor Quinn not only educated me during my classes with him but also took me under his wing to make sure I was going to be successful when I graduated. Professor Quinn has not just been a mentor to me he is like family and I want to make him proud after I graduate. Not only has he been a mentor but also a confidant.

He has had more faith in me than I have had in myself which is why I am the kind of student I am today. It felt like I was finally somewhere with a fresh start and many possibilities.

The more relationships and connections you make with your mentors you are sure to do amazing things post-grad. With another Commencement quickly approaching, High Point University graduates will be commencing prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU.

Major: Biochemistry on a pre-med track.

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They were the keystone to my personal and professional development. I established three separate internships shadowing doctors of osteopathic medicine of different sub-specialties: internal medicine, plastic surgery and family medicine.

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Additionally, I went on a medical mission trip to provide free healthcare to underserved communities of Costa Rica. Angela Broadnax was my most impactful advisor at HPU. She fought tooth-and-nail to make sure I would graduate on time, but most importantly, she has always been a huge supporter.

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Aaron Titus told me he wished his new students were more like me. I had struggled in the first class I had with him. Since I had two consecutive semesters with him, I made certain to dig deep and find a sense of grit.

After refining how I studied, being much more active in class and chasing Dr. Titus down outside of class, I had finally found what it took to make an excellent grade. After I had him as a professor, my work ethic and discipline were gratified when he told me he wished his new students were more like me, in terms of my effort and attitude towards the class. This was pivotal for reinforcing a lot of new studying habits that carried me throughout the rest of my time at HPU and on to grad school.

Major: Marketing with a minor in sales. The program includes personal selling, managing a team, and conducting business analysis for key s.

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All of my experiences at HPU motivated me to improve in any way possible and always reach for my goals. Going forward in my career, these life skills will help me succeed in everything I do. They were there for me throughout my internship interview process and helped me approach all of my interviews with confidence.

When it came time to accept a full-time job offer, I was so excited to share the exciting news with the Office of Career and Professional Development as they were some of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. Professor Munsie cares about all of her students and was always there to help me when I needed it.

Her positive attitude made learning exciting and I always looked forward to her classes. My teammates and I swept the podium and it was the best feeling in the world. No one ever succeeded by playing it safe.